“Live Like A King” – Bali, Indonesia

Transitions scare him. He helped children at summer camp transition from tears of fear to laughter of joy. He had been one of those children. He understood the mindset.

He also started to understand, 20 years later, that transitions still intimidated him into feeling fear and feeling weak. He was thankful to know that these emotions existed so he could mentally prepare for them when times of transition approached.

Before leaving California, the Brewer made an offhand comment that initially made him laugh as it wounded like a joke. But then it began to resonate with him. It grew stronger each day, a seed of an idea planted next to hops are barley. When the time came to go to Bali, he understood with the brewer meant, the seed had grown to a plant.

“Live like a king.” It is cheap and therefore affordable there. Locals strive to please tourists as it makes their pocket heavier. He booked a 4-star hotel and immediately found comfort in a strange and foreign land due to creature comforts that all humans enjoy. A large bed, a waterfall shower, air conditioning.

He ate at restaurants he wanted based on the food he craved, not the price on the menu. He sought self care through massage, lounging, and eating. And he found it, and did not feel guilt over breaking the bank, because he was not. The brewer, 8,500 miles away, had saved him.

Nasi goreng is a local dish of friend rice with an egg on top.

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