The Neat Things – Singapore

He was committed to not hiding in his room all day. He had done that before in life, and that dark hole was not worth climbing into again. So he ventured into the world of high-rise buildings.

After the 8 hour nap that ensured his sleep schedule would not adjust for the next 10 days, he ventured into Clark Quay, a destination along the Singapore river, and was greeted by a slew of drunks wandering in and out of clubs. Alcohol does not know cultural boundaries. Overwhelmed, he ventured home but was inspired to spend time over the next few days along the river. The amount of accessible bike share programs shocked him. He took advantage by downloading the app and biked more than 10 miles over the next 4 days along the river, cruising the base of high-rise buildings, restaurants, and parks.

The Gardens by the Bay awed him, literally. He exclaimed, “aww.” Plants from all over the world, literally, in one place. A palm tree grove, a rare flower building, and self-sustaining super trees call this location home.

But no garden has ever compared to The Cloud Forest. The tropical moist climates of the world play host to a world of plants not found in any other location. The Cloud Forest features all of these continents’ lush life in one building.

A cascading waterfall and elevated walking paths allowed him to wander like a child seeing Christmas lights for the first time. He doesn’t even care for plants, but cared deeply about this cloud forest.

He loves caves and basements. He did not grow up with them. The Battlebox Bunker tour fulfilled his existential need to be educated and his intrinsic need to be in dark quiet place. He learned about Singapore’s downfall during WWII.

He visited Chinatown and witnessed livelihoods disissimlar from his. Citizens selling junk outside high rises, clothes drying 12 stories up, and friends talking and enjoying doing nothing together.

He visited a temple, because Trip Advisor said he should, and was struck by its golden beauty.

The cleanliness of this country was not exaggerated. Brooms and street sweepers were fixtures but almost never present. A city developed in the last fifty year and maintained with ferocity of a strict nun.

56 floors in under a minute is a fast elevator ride, one that only the Marina Bay Sand hotel can provide. And the view from the top of the country and the garden again caused him to “aw.” The hotel and the garden were originally the bay of Singapore, filled with land in order to accommodate the quickly populating country.

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