Summer 2018: Maine + Roads of USA

Check out the video by clicking here.

Maine is beautiful and green. Camp Laurel South, which sits on Crescent Lake in Maine, is filled with kindness. A work environment that fostered community and togetherness housed him in the pine paneled Annex 1 of Orono cabin. A community that had 50 when he entered, grew to 650 at its peak, and was occupied by just a dozen when he drove away nearly three months after arriving.

Being in the summer camp environment was familiar to him, and within a couple weeks he was adjusted to his room, his campus, and his co-workers turning friends. The new environment set an exciting tone for a routine he felt largely comfortable in. Of course the beginning was new and therefore slow moving, and the guidance received encouraged smooth sailings.

He ate lobster for the first time, learned about LL Bean, met kind people from all over the world, and explored New Hampshire and Vermont.


His bucket list of life included driving coast to coast USA. Going two ways in a single trip always seemed too daunting, so not knowing what life holds next he figured now was as good as a time as ever. He purchased the 2004 Crown Victoria a mile and a half down the road from camp and it became his royal ride all the way to California over 18 days. He passed through 21 states, visited multiple national parks, and highly recommends the experience. He drove an average of 255 miles a day for a total around 4,500 miles.

This video is a compilation of my summer beginning in Maine at camp and the explorations around in areas like Freeport and Ogunquit, and the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

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