Twenty Six and Eight Months – Big Sur, California


“The road is re-opened,” someone said.

His brain put in the clutch while his thoughts transitioned: you can finally drive up Highway 1. Large rain storms washed out the highway in the last couple years rendering it impassable while construction rebuilt the road. He was thirsty for the drive as his previous plans were foiled by the misfortunate event and nothing else yet had quenched this adventure bug.

The ocean is one of his think-grounds. He has no obligations or plans; now was a good time to visit.

He is twenty six and eight months old with no clear direction. He thought a couple days along the grey, unpopulated coast would help him process what has happened thus far in 2018 and reorient his path. The two nights didn’t SparkNotes this chapter of his life. Between the large amounts of tourists (himself included) and mental barriers], he could not force his brain to address difficult thoughts of “What’s next?” This felt unfortunate and frustrating.

Despite the lack of ‘Ah ha!’ moments, the trip was fun. He experimented with his new technological toys (iPhone Xs and Osmo Mobile 2 gimbal), learning settings and functions to improve his videography.

Check out the 30 second video I made by clicking this sentence.

I used iMovie to make this film.

Music: Love, Beats and Pina Coladas by Digi G’Alessio

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