Departure – Ventura, California, USA

“What do you think of teaching?/Have you ever wanted to teach?,” echoed for years from the mouths of friends, friends parents, co-workers, his acupuncturist, patrons he served while pouring beer at Ventura Coast Brewing Company, and the occasional stranger. He didn’t have a firm answer he felt confident in.

Because so many around him suggested it and having spent summer 2018 in Maine (with many peers who work as educators) led him to the decision to try experiencing teaching. With a wandering lust still irking at his body, he searched for programs under five criteria:

Credibility – A group that worked closely with local areas to provide conscious help.

Weather – He’s an adult, and adults can choose their own dam climate.

Location – Not in the US, or country he’d visited, or South America due to lack of interest

Duration – Due to commitment issues, not committing to en entire year was quintessential. Separately, he wanted to be home for winter holidays.

Students – Due to working with children at summer camps, he wanted to flex those skills in the world of academia.

It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know, specifically what or who they know. After consulting with his summer camp boss, The Californian was directed to the website for credible programs and further direction.

When explaining to others how the Californian came to choose this program, there are two ways to tell the same story. Context is the key that determines which story is told.

Version 1: After driving home from camp he’d been living with his parents without much direction. So after a few days of research and website suggestions from his boss he briefly applied to a program, spoke on the phone with the New Zealand headquarter office a few days later to answer some clarifying and content questions, slept on it, and signed up to begin a five week session beginning in three weeks, early November 2018. He only felt positive emotions about it.

Version 2: In April 2018 he applied for and signed a contract to work at camp until August 2018 and was stoked for the opportunity. Since April he’d worried about the next life step after camp. It was not an every day worry, but not infrequent. He hoped time at camp might give him the answer: it didn’t. The drive across the country in late August/early September was to give time to provide a clear next step: it didn’t. A couple weeks at home in September were going to be used to provide clarity to what is next: it didn’t. Three swings and he felt out. Reflecting on conversations with those he trusted or respected from his Treventures in 2018 thus far, one motif stood out: teaching.  He reached out to his boss for recommendations on programs throughout the world for all kinds of durations. He found one he thought could be good and little it bounce around in the back of his head for 2 weeks, then did a few days of research [and] he briefly applied, spoke on the phone with the New Zealand headquarter office a few days later to answer some clarifying and content to answer some questions, slept on it, and signed up to begin a five week session beginning early November 2018. He felt positive about making a resume and life building next step while still being able to travel! Less positively he felt the pressure changing for an oncoming Worry Storm with on-again/off-again clouds of doubt and anxiety that would hang around for the next three weeks.

It was now time to get excited. Or anxious. It is a shame how the later oftentimes outshines the potential goodness of the prior.

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